Football brings with it masses of emotions and experience. It is a social binder that brings together a large group of people. That's how thousands of canaries drop off to Stay at every home game. STVV undertakes and supports many projects where young people and disabled people are central. We too take the lead in the fight against intolerance and racism.

Football also fulfills an important social role. The establishment of a community committee within the Pro League emphasizes once again the importance of a proper community operation within each club.

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The following projects are successful examples:

Binkie Day

STVV organizes the Binkie Day every season. An event that exists to bring the footballing youth from Haspengouw together in a relaxing and sporting way. In the run-up to the competition, young people take part in a total omni-foot-happening. After these activities, the participants will drop down to Stayen to attend a league game (usually during the season or during the playoffs) of STVV.

School Actions

This has been a very successful project for several years now. The aim is to introduce students to the sublime atmosphere at Stayen free of charge. For example, we contact all primary (fifth and sixth grade) and secondary (six study years) schools from the region.

In this way STVV could reach some 22,500 students. We want to offer social skills, education, health and environmental education.

One time and spontaneous actions

In addition to our major actions, STVV also organizes a lot of small and spontaneous events such as:

  • Visit children's hospital with our players
  • Distribution of food packages to the less fortunate
  • Ladies Night…