13 years in second division

On the sporting side there was not much positive in the first part of the 13-year period, from 1974 to 1985. STVV often turned in the middle, nothing more or less. But you could not call a gray middle-engine the Canaries

. There was too much news on Staying for that. Coach changes, ex-Golden Shoe Wilfried Van Moer dropped to Stayen (first as a player and later as a player-trainer), the arrival of the South Korean Jong Wong Park, the two Brazilians Pereira and Georgini in '80 -'81, Guy Lambeets as new chairman in '78 -'79, the breakthrough of young people like Armand Cleuren, Roland Velkeneers, Erwin Coenen and Renaat Koopmans, the purchase of Fazekas, Cremasco, Agten, etc. And Stayen was regularly in the spotlight.

Likewise in the first game of 1985-1986 against Hasselt when a hot dog stall exploded. In this 13-year period, STVV completed various trainers, Marcel Vercammen, Gerard Bergholtz, Albert Bers and Wilfried van Moer.

The 1986 - 1987 season marked the end of the expensive Vedette policy. The young guard, such as Marc Wilmots and Danny Boffin, took matters into their own hands. This with a positive result, they brought the Canaries back to the top in second class. Marc Wilmots also became top scorer that season with 22 goals. STVV and Winterslag were daring to each other in the fight for promotion. A battle that the Canaries won.

On the last day of play, the Canaries crowned champion of second division. The more than 8,000 supporters traveled through the wild. The Fiery City was again turned upside down for days on end and the supporters dreamed aloud: "Anderlecht open your eyes, for STVV they close."