Number one in Limburg

The second round of 2001-2002 was particularly strong. STVV continued on the same path. The team stayed together and some young talents from the region joined. Jacky Mathijssen's boys went on with a fantastic season. Danny Boffin became the master of assists in Belgium and shook the nets ten times. Danny played in the top three in all football statistics. A good example for the youth.

STVV scored with the skate and was even the most productive team in Europe for a while. With many regional and young faces at the core. STVV counted only three foreigners with Kalisa, Belic and Mbonabucya. Mitrovic only participated in the first round.

After the winter break, STVV got a bit more difficult and 'dropped' back into the stand. STVV took fifth place and left the big Genk and Standard behind. STVV was also the only club that Club Brugge could not win. STVV was allowed to participate in the Intertoto Cup for the second time. A high injury burden and the low training rhythm (only working a week) took their toll.