The road to the top

The Canaries made their debut four years after being established in the national series. The season '38 -'39 became the season of Pol “Kogelke” Appeltants, who played no less than 50 of the 93 goals.

Two years later the second war broke out. The competition was interrupted a few times and STVV directly experienced the consequences of the war: in 1944 air bombardments completely destroyed the accommodation.

Pol Appeltants wrote history in the '46 -'47 season. Kogelke made his debut with the Red Devils, the first Limburger and a Sint-Truiden inhabitant. A year later STVV celebrated its 25th anniversary with a championship title: yellow-blue promoted to the current second class.

In 1952 STVV was elevated to Royal Society. In the season 1955-1956 the Canaries finished in third place and reached the semi-finals of the Belgian cup. (disabled by Antwerp 2-1).

In the following season '56 -'57 it was time: STVV rose to the elite.