• Second Team

Beloften are Champs of PO2

On Monday evening, the B-core of STVV recieved the young team of Royal Excel Mouscron for a decisive match. With 3 more games left to pley and 6 points ahead of second place, STVV could secure the tile of PO2 regardless of the result of Sporting Charleroi. The Carolos lost at Eupen and our B-core achieved a 3-0 win. Antunes, Boli and Verbeek scored at Stayen. Our young Canaries took their 8th straight victory and crowned themselves as the winner of Play-Off 2 with 2 games left. In 2 weeks, their last home game will take place in a game against Charleroi.

The importance of the match may have put some pressure on the young Canaries as the team wasoff to a slo start. 3 goal attempts were created by the experienced players in the first 45 minutes but none of them hit the net. The first was ruled as offsides, the second was short, and the third long shot was saved by the visiting goalkeeper. The game headed to half time with both teams without a goal: 0-0.

In the second half, we saw a more ambitious STVV. After a few minutes, Antunes scored the opening goal as the team perfectly executed a short corner: 1-0. Shortly after, Boli was knocked down by goalkeeper Libertiaux. Dussaut and the Frenchman decided not to shoot te penalty directly but thier plan was spoiled as Boli's shot sailed off to the left. After an hour of playing, Abrahams came out with a strong shot from 20m but it was blocked by Libertiaux. Mouscron had its chances too but Pirard stood strong in front of the opposing goal.

15 minutes from the end, Nitcheu was fouled in the 16 and the Canaries had another chance at the penalty spot. This time, Boli directly nailed it: 2-0. A few minutes later, Vandermissen assisted Verbeek who came from the right connecting nicely for the third goal of the night: 3-0. Vandermissen also had a good chance but his shot was just short. The young Canaries secured the title with a final score of 3-0.


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