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Beloften Loses 2 - 4 Against KRC Genk

The STVV promises lost their game against KRC Genk on Monday evening. It became 2-4 at Stayen. Bielen and Lathouwers scored for the young Canaries.

STVV took the lead halfway through the first half, after a good attack on the right flank. Vanwesemael returned to Bielen, who kicked the 1-0 into the net. Genk scored the equalizer before half-time.

In minute 65, the ball hit the spot in favor of the Canaries. Lathouwers gave STVV the lead again. On the other side too, the ball hit the spot after an alleged handball. It became 2-2. KRC Genk did not hesitate anymore and set the 2-4 final score.

STVV Selection: Wenssens, Vanwesemael, Van Helden, Lathouwers, Ritiere, Opdenakker, Van Dessel, Brugmans (82' Doore), Bielen (85' Baltic), Masoudi (85' Corstjens), Landuyt (63' N’Guessan)
STVV Goals: 25' Bielen 1-0, 65’ Lathouwers (penalty kick) 2-1
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