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One-two between Haspengouw hospitality industry and STVV

"Collaboration with at least one café per municipality in our region."

After the three-pointer against Westerlo, STVV is already setting up another subtle one-two this week. Namely, the Canaries are partnering up with the cafes in Greater Haspengouw. "Our yellow and blue region stretches from Tongeren to Tienen and from Hasselt to Hannuit. In each municipality we are joining hands with at least one café," as it echoes at Stayen. Village pub 't Elfde Gebod will be kicking this action off soon, during the home game against Cercle Brugge.  

From the preview at the bar before the game to the summary of the victory after the final whistle: football and hospitality go hand in hand.

That's why STVV is strengthening ties with cafes in Greater Haspengouw this season. "Football is one of the favorite topics of conversation at the bar. Moreover, many pubs broadcast STVV's matches. Or supporter buses leave for our away games. In short, the local pubs are a real meeting place for football fans," says Bert Stas (brand manager at STVV).

The sky(box) is the limit
That is why the Canaries are joining forces with the hospitality businesses in Greater Haspengouw: "On the one hand, we pamper the customers of our hospitality partners during a home game. On the other hand, we look at how we can set up a local STVV-event in the pub itself. So we play a 'home and away' game. The cafes that are open to it will also receive an STVV package (scarf, flag, ...). So they can color their establishment yellow and blue. Finally, the pub business that brings in the most supporters this season will win a skybox at the start of next season."

From Tongeren to Tienen from Hasselt to Hannuit
STVV is aiming for cooperation with at least one pub per municipality within the Greater-Haspengouw region, clarifies commercial director Stan Niesen: "Our yellow-blue zone extends from South Limburg (Alken, Borgloon, Gingelom, Heers, Kortessem, Nieuwerkerken, Sint-Truiden, Tongeren, Wellen) and Central Limburg (Hasselt, Alken) to West Limburg (Halen, Herk-de-Stad, Lummen) and Flemish Brabant (Geetbets, Kortenaken, Landen, Linter, Tienen, Waanrode and Zoutleeuw). During the first info session, about 10 people signed in. And a lot of other cafes already expressed their interest. So in the next few weeks, we will continue our pub crawl (laughs)."

Café Cercle
The first tangible result of the one-two between the Haspengouw hospitality industry and STVV is not far off: for the home match against Cercle Brugge, the Canaries are joining forces with the famous village pub 't Elfde Gebod.

"We immediately accepted STVV's outstretched hand," says manager Philip Blavier. "On Saturday, Nov. 12, we will travel to Stayen by bus. Before and after the match we will bring an authentic pub atmosphere to the stadium, in line with the ambiance that prevails in our village pub. In the late hours we return to Zepperen for an after party in 't Elfde Gebod."


Hospitality businesses open to cooperation may apply at bert.stas@stvv.com.

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