• Second Team


After a first training week, the yellow-blue premise team played their first exhibition game. On Tuesday 3rd July, they travelled to Kempen for a friendly against the first team of ASV Geel. Both the home teams of youth manager Bart Janssens and the young Canaries under Patrick Van Ketsfielded a mix of youth players and trainees. The latter gave the traditional amateur a big win 6-0 in Leunen.

For both teams, it was a bit difficult start while they were observing their opponents. Ex-Canarie Verbeek opened the score after fifteen minutes with a header. With the significant difference in physique. There were two goals for Geel (34 'and 35'). It was already 2-0 before the break.

In the second half, the visitors went looking for goals, but soon it fell down to 3-0. For STVV, the 17-year-old Gilbert tried it with a shot from outside the box. Roekens could only go on, but goalkeeper Caubergh pushed into a corner. Then, the home team quickly added their lead twice more again: 4-0 and 5-0 with fifteen more minutes to play. Some trainee at the youth shoots a few more, one of which had to be tapped into the Geel’s goal. In the added time, it became 6-0 


The next friendly match for the second team will take place on Wednesday 11 July. In Tongeren, they are invited by third provincial FC Rutten. Kick-off at 18.30.

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