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Giant-Killer season ticket

The real year is still six weeks away, but the Belgian football year is already over: the Jupiler Pro League is pushing the pause button for a while during the World Cup.
Time to already make your good intentions for football year 2023, then: you can, by opting for STVV's Giant Killer season ticket.
Spectacular return leg
The return round promises to be sportingly spectacular. Because we still have a lot of big names on the floor: Club Brugge, AA Gent, KRC Genk and Antwerp all pass the R(e)vue at Stayen in the spring. Every one of them great opportunities to live up to our reputation as giantkiller, in other words.
In addition, we are stepping up our efforts before and after the game: in addition to some classics (Christmas Game, Carnival, Ladies Night,...) we will surprise with some new themed games.
The game dates until the end of January are already fixed ...
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The Giant Killer subscription, a great end-of-year gift

The Giant Killer subscription gives you access to the 8 home matches of the return round, starting with STVV - Club Brugge. So that means a nice financial advantage (a season ticket is considerably cheaper than single tickets). In addition, you get these extras on top of it:

10% cashback on your consumption during these home matches (if you consume €50, you will receive €5 credit on your cashless card for the next match) 
The spring 2023 issues of the Canary magazine in your mailbox
In other words ... the ideal end-of-year gift.

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Category 1
Category 2
<12 year
€25 €25    
Student >12 year
€35 €75    
€135 €175    

<12 year €25  
Student <12 year €57,5  
Adult €100  
Disabled €100  

<12 year
€75 €75 €75      
Adult €215 €340 €460
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