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No Win For the Beloften Against KRC Genk

Five days after the match at Stayen, the promises of STVV lost again against KRC Genk. It became 3-1 in Genk.

At a 2-0 score for Genk, Hamza Massoudi scored the connection goal for the young Canaries. The Canaries tried but it was Genk that recorded the 3-1 final score.

STVV Selection: Vanmarsenille, Doore (80' Spago), Van Helden, Lathouwers, Ritière, Brugmans (59' Landuyt), Opdenakker, Bielen, Van Helden, Masoudi (77' Baltic), N’Guessan (67' Steuckers).

STVV Goal: 59’ Masoudi 2-1
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