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[PO2] STVV - Beerschot Wilrijk : 2-2

STVV and Beerschot-Wilrijk shared the points at Stayen. The visitors came 0-2, after which the Canaries scored twice more to still drag a point out at home. Sylla and Sekine were standing at the Truiense cannon.

The match started off with little goal danger. Just past fifteen minutes, the visitors suddenly took the lead. Tissoudali coolly finished an Antwerp counter, 0-1. Moments later, Pirard had to take action on a shot from De Keersmaecker. After the half hour, STVV came up more emphatically, but more than two rejected goals did not lead to that.
Even after the break, the Canaries looked for the tying run, but the goal fell on the other side. Prychyenko fired a free kick through Asamoah, 0-2. The Canaries reacted immediately via Sylla, who had the connection goal recorded. 1-2, excellent finish of the striker.

Twenty minutes before time, the ball hit the spot after a VAR intervention. Referee Geldhof saw hand play and so Kamada was allowed to run for the equalizer. The Japanese, however, placed the doctrine next to Vanhamel's goal. Then there was twice more apple for hand play in the visitors' rectangle. Geldhof did not want to know about a second penalty.

In the first of six minutes of extra time it was a hit for the Canaries. Sekine neatly placed the leather in the farthest corner on the instructions of Kamada and so the plates were back in balance. STVV remains unbeaten in play off 2 and moves to Sporting Charleroi next week, who follows two points
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