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Promises Finish with 10th Straight Victory

For the 14th and final matchday of Play-Off 2, our Promises recieved the Sporting Charleroi led by a former colleague. Samba Diawara had apparently boosted his crew because aftera quarter of an hour, it was 0-1 at Stayen. Matarrese and Nitcheu were able to change the score to 2-1 before half time. In the second half, a sharper STVV completely eliminated their opponent. The final result came to be 5-1 via goals from Nitcheu again, Abrahams, and Roekens.

With the home team starting weak, a more eaer Charleroi put a lot of pressure on STVV. Yet the first chance fell for our Promises. An inward cut from Verbeek set up a good look but Nitcheu came just late for the opening goal. On the other side a few minutes later, Carolo slipped out of the offside and was able to get around Schevenels to score: 0-1.

Given the awakening shot, STVV tried to respond. After a combination of Abrahams, Bourard came close to tie the game but could not find the goal. Then, the corner kick of Vandermissen entered the goal area. After being blocked twice, Matarrese allowed the net to vibrate: 1-1.

Half an hour later, Bourard sent a neat corner and Nitcheu conneced: 2-1. Bourard assited on Abrahams too but keeper Baume was there on the way to the goal. 2-1 at half.

After the rest, the young Canaries came out of the locker room to finish the game strong. Nitcheu entered the goal zone and struck with his left foot for his second goal of the night: 3-1.

Our Promises tightened the defense, and pulled the baal away from the visitors. 15 minutes from the end, Roekens broke free in the center, but did not get past Baume. Then Charleroi played with 10 as they could not replace the hurt. From there on, it was child's play. Abrahams got on to his usual solo action and Roekens made it 5-1 with a stunner: 5-1.

Goal: 0-1 (13'); 1-1 Matarrese (18'); 2-1 Nitcheu (30'); 3-1 Nitcheu (50'); 4-1 Abrahams (85'); 5-1 Roekens (87')

STVV: Schevenels, Abrahams, Antunes (51' Casa), Ayala (51' Erbay), Bourard, Busi, Marratese, Nitcheu (51' Roekens), Opdenakker, Vandermissen (C), Verbeek (51' Van Roosebeke)

Charleroi: Baume (C), De Maeyer, Di Vita, Di Vrusa (46' Mathieu), Durieux, Flazone (64' Romeyns), Gall (58' Celsy), Hector, Leclef, Ndomba, Wildemeersch (46' Detollenaere)

Our Promises thus take their 10th victory in a row. The obvious winner of PO2 sets a nice run of 36 out of 42 points. Only an efficient Antwerp were able to take down the Canaries at home, and courageous fight in Waasland-Beveren did not work either. Through 14 games, they achieve a score of +30. Congratulations to the young Canaries! Next week they train once more and the 2017-2018 season is over.


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