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Promises Keep the Streak ALive in KVK

On Monday evening, the spectators at the KVK youth academy were able to view a goal fest. Our Promises played their last away match of the season resulting in a big win against Kortrijk: 2-6. Abrahams, Erbay and Nitcheu each scored twice for the young Canaries.

10 minutes after kick-off, the home team goalie saved a free kick from Bourard but Erbay followed the loose ball well and scored the opener:0-1. KVK also came in attack mode but Schevenels saved the Canaries. Shortly after, Abraham made his way to the goal from the center circle and scored: 0-2.

On Vandermissen's cross, Verbeek hit the post while on the other side a long distance shot fell into the square: 1-2. Our Promises reacted immediately with anothr tight assist from the captain, which Erbay connected: 1-3. Before half time, the home team shortened the gap: 2-3.

KVK wanted to continue their elan after the break but Schevenel's kept the young home team from scoring. Once again, with his speed, Abraham increased the lead after an hour of play: 2-4. This time, the South African scorer assisted from the left and the newly subbed Nitcheu finished: 2-5.

A hat-trick for Abrahams was in reach but he added to his assist stats as Nitcheu made his second shot of the evening from Abrahams: 2-6. Few minutes to the end, goalie Martens again prevented Abraham's hat-trick mark and a roused Tomiyasu did not get past him for a goal. Final score: 2-6.

Goal: 0-1 Erbay (9'); 0-2 Abrahams (20'); 1-2 (33'); 1-3 Erbay (35'); 2-3 (42'); 2-4 Abrahams (61'); 2-5 Nitcheu (64'); 2-6 Nitcheu (75')

KVK: Martens, Desmet (82' Vandevoorde), Gantois, Gerniers, Jodts (C), Lanckman, Lauwrensens, Prez (80' De Vos), Timmerman, Vandenabeele (69' Belgacem), Van Mol (80' Coppens)

STVV: Schevenels, Abrahams, Bourard (65' Sakata), Busi, Erbay (46' Boosten), Matarrese, Opdenakker, Roekens (57' Nitcheu), Tomiyasu, Vandermissen (C), Verbeek (46' Van Roosebeke)

Our Promises kept the winning streak alive. Next week the already crowned champions of PO2 can finish the season reaching the 30 out of 30 mark. Monday, 7 May, they expect the Promises of Sporting Charleroi at Stayen.

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