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STVV - KV Kortrijk : 2 - 0

STVV started 2020 with a 2-0 home win against KV Kortrijk. Newly appointed coach Milos Kostic has not missed his debut.

Sint-Truiden, with Bushiri in the four-man defense, started the game in a somewhat wait-and-see manner. The visitors did not act much either. Mboyo tried to outwit Steppe with a stifter, but the keeper was not surprised.

Durkin and Botaka had a good opportunity on the other side, but did not hit the ball sufficiently to be dangerous. With the peace in sight, STVV came up a little more emphatically, but a goal did not produce that.

After the break, the Canaries pulled the sheet to themselves. First there was a good shot from Sankhon, then Colidio also took his chance. Goalkeeper Jakubech saved the nets for Kortrijk.

It turned out to be a postponement of execution, because just two minutes later, the same Colidio put the ball in the furthest corner. Ten minutes later it was hit again when De Bruyn finished from close range on indication of Colidio.

STVV then took back some gas. KV Kortrijk played some good chances together, but failed to cash in on one. Kenny Steppe kept his nets clean and the three points remained at Stayen.
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