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STVV loses 3-1 against KVK Tienen

STVV practised today against the sugarboys of KVK Tienen. Not ideal circumstances in the Bergé Stadium, with a scorching sun that made the thermometer rise above 30 degrees. 

These eleven start for STVV
Boets, Al-Dakhil, Hashioka, Koita, Kagawa, Dumont, Van Dessel, Teixeira, Van Helden, Librici, Delorge

STVV started strong, with high pressing which immediately resulted in a great goal chance. Koita hit the crossbar after a pass by Kagawa. Less than two minutes later Al-Dakhil puts Dumont alone in front of the goal, but he misses from close range. Yet it is the home team that opens the score with a sharp counter. 1-0. Bentayeb coolly outsmarts Boets. After 20 minutes KVK countered successfully again. Claes with the 2-0. STVV increased the pressure again, resulting in a number of dangerous goal attempts. During the drinks break, Koita was replaced by de Vos. Half-time score: 2-0.

These eleven started in the second half for STVV
Craninx, Leistner, Bauer, Janssens, Bocat, Konaté, Hashioka, Smets, Brüls, Hayashi, Kaya

The new Canaries immediately created a lot of field advantage, but no big chances in the opening quarter of the second half. After 20 minutes there was danger though, thanks to a strong playing Brüls. Hayashi was unable to finish off a superb cross from close range. Brüls continued to show initiative, but his shot after a dribble was not hard enough for (ex-canary) Vanmarsenille. During the drinks break, Smets was replaced by Librici. In the end, the home team was closest to scoring a goal after a quick breakaway. Craninx did what was expected of him after a one on one situation. In the 89th minute the goal is scored. First goal for Kaya. After some excellent preparatory work by Librici, Kaya puts himself free and shoots the ball past the home goalie. In the same minute a handball in the penalty area for STVV. Wim Vanmarsenille parried a well-placed kick from Brüls excellently. In the last minute of the match the home team could increase their lead. Final score 3-1. 

STVV loses a practice match against a strongly organised block of KVK Tienen with 3-1.


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