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STVV wins friendly game against KAS Eupen: 3-1

First half:

Lineup: Coppens - Bauer - Teixeira - Janssens - Koita - Boya - Van Dessel - Dumont - Fabinho - Okazaki - Kaya

The Canaries started the match with a fairly young team. Fabinho, Van Dessel, Dumont and Kaya were in the starting eleven. Coach Hollerbach also gave some responsibility to his staff and let Sil Rouvrois take the lead for the first half. As usual, STVV put high pressure on the ball with a solid block. However, it was the Pandas who created the first chance on a corner in the 11th minute. 6 minutes later Christie-Davies placed the ball through the legs of Coppens but Bauer saved miraculously on the line. In the second quarter, STVV was more threatening and obtained a corner in the 27th minute. Van Dessel sent it into the 16, Teixeira headed it in! 1-0 for the Canaries. The rest of the first half offered some chances but the score remained unchanged.

Half-time score: 1-0.


Second half:

Coppens - Al-Dakhil - Leistner - Smets - Bocat - Brüls - Konaté - Librici - Hashioka - Hayashi - Bruno.

In the second half, the lineup changed completely, only the goalkeeper remained. The coach on the sidelines was also changed. This time Markus Pflanz took charge for the next 45 minutes. STVV played even better in the second half with beautiful combinations! From Al-Dakhil, it went to Konaté and Bruno who tried to curl the ball in, but bumped into the goalkeeper. Eupen did not give up and N'Dri sprinted on the counter to Jo Coppens, but the Limburger was able to save.
The game went back and forth with good chances, but nobody seemed to be able to put the ball in. Until the 73rd minute. Christian Brüls won a second ball, and delivered a cross from the left side to Hayashi. The ball collided with an Eupen leg and landed on Bruno's head. 2-0 for the home team. The Pandas tried to get back into the game with N'Dri. He attacked the defense from the right side and shot into the opposite corner: 2-1. In the 85th minute, Matte Smets served Gianni Bruno in the 16 who knew what to do with the ball. He scored the 3rd to seal the victory for STVV.

Final score: 3-1

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