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STVV Youth signs partnership with clubs from region

STVV finds it important that (local) youth take part in sports. Each at his own level. From regional to elite. Football pleasure should come first and foremost and for this reason STVV wants to promote youth football by working closer together with clubs from the region. KVK Tienen, KVV Zepperen-Brustem and FC Landen can now call themselves 'STVV Partner Club'.

In this way, STVV wants to use its expertise to lift youth football and the training of youth footballers in Haspengouw to a higher level. This is done by means of demo trainings, clinics and workshops in cooperation with the sports staff of its elite youth.
"The objective is to once again allow more local talent to progress to the A-core. The higher the quality of the IP Club's training, the more likely it is that local talent will be able to progress." Thus Dario Antico, TVJO STVV Youth. COO Youth Bob Magotteaux emphasizes that STVV and the regional clubs are not competitors but partners in training youth footballers. "Together with our partner clubs, we strive to improve the quality of the youth academies, which benefits local youth players," he says.

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"The idea that we exist side by side must go. On the contrary. As KVK Tienen, we encourage players who can handle it to take the step up. It is an interaction based on respect for each other's qualities, with the IP clubs playing their part as the basis for the development and training of the players." Says Peter Denruyter, chairman KVK Tienen youth.
Angelo Di Vito of KVV Zepperen-Brustem follows that reasoning. "Being able to offer a tailor-made youth training to every player from regional, provincial, IP to elite level within our own region is what we want to get out of this cooperation and what we, as KVV Zepperen-Brustem, want to contribute to."
FC Landen is also happy with the partnership with STVV Youth. This is what president Tony Thierie tells us. "FC Landen feels grateful to be part of the Partnership STVV and will do its utmost to support the mutual cooperation in order to improve the quality of the youth work and to promote and perpetuate the development of youth football talent in the region."

STVV Youth would like to thank the regional clubs for their trust and hopes for a fruitful cooperation.

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