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Welcome, Maruhan!

Japanese entertainment company Maruhan Group has purchased minority shares in STVV.

Maruhan Group has entered into a partnership with the existing majority shareholder LLC. DMM.com. The partnership with Maruhan strengthens the commercial, operational and sporting capabilities of the club.

CEO Takayuki Tateishi explains: "I have known Maruhan for over 20 years from when I worked at Oita Torinita. I am honored to take up the challenge of becoming a partner again. We had a good season with STVV. We finished 9th and at the end of the season we were even close to play-offs 2, after nine consecutive matches without defeat. As we begin preparations for next season, we welcome Maruhan as a partner and look forward to competing together next season as part of the STVV family."

Chairman of Maruhan East Japan Company Han Yu : "Maruhan East Japan Company is investing in new areas and developing new businesses. We are opening the Art Aquarium Museum GINZA in Ginza Mitsukoshi on May 3, 2022. This alliance is part of a multi-faceted business participation and investment strategy. Future plans include the exchange of personnel between Maruhan East Japan Company and STVV's Japan Division. We are also developing events in Japan using Maruhan East Japan Company's various locations. In addition, we hope to create further synergies through the co-creation of new activities."

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