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World Expo 2025 opens new possibilities in Japan

World Expo 2025 becomes partner of STVV

SINT-TRUIDEN / OSAKA, Oct. 11, 2022 - Sint-Truiden is getting ready for its annual Japanese-themed match against OHL. In doing so, the Canaries are getting an extra boost: the Osaka tourism office may in fact call itself the yellow and blue's newest partner. This gives STVV access to an interesting network of potential new sponsors in Japan.

On the eve of the annual Japanese themed match against OHL (the Nishitan Day, named after the main sponsor of the same name), STVV announces a new partnership: the Osaka tourism office is joining forces with the Canaries to promote the 2025 World Expo. The brand new partner will henceforth appear on the warm-up clothes and on the LED boarding during home games at Stayen.

Keiko Sakaii (general manager of Expo 2025) is pleased with the agreement: "We are delighted that a first-class club like STVV is partnering with us to promote the Osaka-Kansai Expo. Thanks to this partnership, we are increasing the brand awareness of our expo in Europe. Moreover, it gives Europe the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and technology."

"With this partnership, we are highlighting Osaka as a region where it is good to live, work and study," adds Hiroshi Mizohata (president of the Osaka Convention & Visitors Bureau). Conversely, we also promote Europe's assets in Japan. Thus, the two regions strengthen each other on a tourist, cultural and economic level."

Takayuki Tateishi (CEO STVV) concludes, "Through football, STVV wants to strengthen the exchange between Japan and Europe. We are already doing this by attracting renowned Japanese players and cooperating with overseas sponsors. Through this partnership, STVV will have access to a very interesting network of companies. This will allow us to attract additional sponsors and strengthen the financial clout of our club."

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