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Young STVV fully integrated within STVV Youth

In 2017 the former ‘VKM Sint-Truiden’ was named ‘Jong STVV’. This name change was a visible sign of a far-reaching cooperation between STVV and Jong STVV. The aim was clear: providing solid soccer development for the local youth, in collaboration with STVV. Three years later we are ready for the next step.

Young STVV will be completely integrated within STVV Youth, the youth academy of STVV. Starting from next season (2020-2021) also the teams that play at the regional and provincial level, will play under the name and matricula of STVV. This applies to all youth teams, the ladies teams & the G-soccer teams.

With this fusion, STVV places , next to the elite-player,  the local soccer player (M/F) in a central role and strives to provide a qualitative training program that allows detection of local talent and subsequent further development of the player. Herewith, STVV aims to promote soccer in our region more than ever before, at all levels and in all its diversity.

The coming season is currently being prepared behind the scenes. Taking into consideration the integration, also the organizational structure will be united, what will enable us to manage more efficiently sportive and extra-sportive challenges that each soccer club is confronted with on a daily basis.

Jo Zeegers, president of Young STVV, has confirmed his wish to end his involvement in the daily management of the club. STVV wants to thank Jo for his commitment over the last years. His contribution and support was highly appreciated by the board of STVV.

From today on, we speak about one STVV. As of now, we are one big family in which every individual can feel at home whilst sharing the same passion. STVV and Young STVV want to thank everyone for their trust in the club during the past years. This fusion will create a big opportunity for the youth of Sint-Truiden and Hesbaye.

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