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Zepperen-Brustem - STVV 2-2

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, our Kanaries started their preparation with their very first friendly match. The opponents are the neighbors of Zepperen-Brustem. 750 supporters came to encourage both teams.

First half
Craninx - Janssens - Al-Dakhil - Bauer - De Vos - Brüls - Dumont - Delorge - Bocat - Hayashi - Librici

STVV started the first half calmly with slight field advantage. Zepperen waited as well so there were few chances to note. After fifteen minutes, Librici was able to continue but was wrongly stopped in the sixteen. Penalty converted by Christian Brüls. There were few more opportunities to note so we went to rest with a 0-1 lead.

Second half
Boets - Hashioka - Leistner - Van Helden - Librici - Dumont - Kagawa - Delorge - Bocat - Hayashi - Koita

In the second half, we saw more or less the same course of the game. Only now, it was Zepperen-Brustem that could score from a free kick after a foul by Van Helden (57th minute). 10 minutes later, Zepperen-Brustem surprisingly found themselves 2-1 ahead. STVV started to put more and more pressure, but that did not immediately lead to many chances. In the 90th minute, Kagawa slalomed from the right side into the center and finished nicely. STVV eventually could get a draw on the field of Zepperen-Brustem.

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