The region around Daio Wasabi Stayen Stadium has a total of six VIP car parks:

● P1 is accessible via the Tiensesteenweg (Parking Lidl).

● P2 is the parking under the stadium. Until 2 hours before the match, you can reach the P2 via the Tiensesteenweg. Afterwards, this parking is accessible via the Haspengouwlaan.

● P3 the parking lot on Tiensesteenweg. Please note that this parking is no longer accessible from two hours before the race.

● P4 is also a car park on the Tiensesteenweg, from 2 hours before the race it is available via the Montenakenweg.

● P5 is the car park that is made available by partner Impermo, which can be reached via the Fabrieksstraat.

● P6 is the parking lot of partner Flam, which can be reached via the Fabrieksstraat.

There are parking spaces outside in the Fabrieksstraat and on the Zoutleeuwse steenweg.

Supporters buses and parking visitors

The visiting supporters enter the stadium via the Haspengouwlaan. On the N3 (right-hand lane) parking is provided for the visitors.

Parking Map

Parkingplan | png 394.9kb