Daio Wasabi Stayen Stadium

Stayen, gate of Haspengouw!

Stayen is the multifunctional stadium of football club STVV.

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We can not deny it, on Stayen (almost) everything revolves around sports. Stayen is therefore the home of STVV football club.

Do you want to get to know STVV and Stayen better? Then quickly book a tour of about 90 minutes. Through the popular stadium tour you will get to know all of Stayen's assets. For more information, reservations and availability, please contact us via info@stayen.com.



Stayen offers the solution for different parties! From romantic wedding to a cozy communion party, in our various rooms you can go for the most diverse parties.

  • The Rvue, our hypermodern and multifunctional room is located in the stadium's West stand. The new festive pearl is great, literally and figurative. The design optimally uses the length of the football field. With an area of 2300 m2, the Rvue is the ideal location for a grand party or a tasteful reception. Thanks to the mobile walls, this impressive party room can be divided into four compartments.
  • The Skybar is located in the upper floor of the WEST stand, between 21 sky boxes where one can stay overnight. This luxurious room is 300m2 and offers a perfect view of the grass. The skybar is equipped with the latest technologies.
  • R. Goethals is the second largest party room of Stayen. This room is completely dedicated to the legendary trainer, Raymond Goethals. He was active as a trainer of STVV in the period '59 - '66. The R. Goethals room has an area of 440 m2 and a maximum capacity of 450 people. The room is located in the NOORD stand, with a beautiful view over the Haspengouw fields.
  • Room '1924' is a spacious party and meeting room on the 3rd floor of the NOORD stand. This room refers to the founding year of STVV, namely 1924. The room offers a great view of the stadium of the Canaries. With an area of 100 m2, room '1924' is suitable for parties up to 100 guests.

Contact us via sales@stayen.com or 011 / 68.12.34 for all information regarding the party rooms and formulas.

You can find detailed information on the different rooms on the Stayen website.


Eat & Drink

You will find various food and beverage outlets in and around the stadium. Enjoy a refreshing pint, a nice coffee or a delicious meal in one of the following:

  • Grand Café Stayen
  • Café du Soleil
  • La Cantine

For more information, reservations and opening hours, please visit the Stayen website.



Sint-Truiden is the second shopping city in Limburg. Since 2013, the retail offer on Stayen has grown enormously with 12,000 m2 of retail floor space.

Several stores settled in our multifunctional stadium:

  • Albert Heijn
  • Lidl
  • Bel & Bo
  • Eldi
  • Tom & Co
  • Toy Champ
  • Kruidvat
  • Big Bazar
  • Concept C
  • Lampiris
  • Action
  • Decathlon
  • Grand Café
  • Uno due
  • Café du Soleil
  • La Cantine

Need more information? Be sure to visit the Stayen website



Staying in Hotel Stayen, that is staying in comfortable luxury. The hotel resolutely opts for a good three-star product. The rooms are furnished with a timeless design and are equipped with all modern comfort, with above all the warm Limburg hospitality.


  • Modernest domotica
  • Airconditioning
  • Flatscreen
  • Safe
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parquet in the room
  • Bathroom with shower or bath
  • Free coffee and tea facilities

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Stayen has various (meeting) rooms. These rooms are each equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are suitable for all your events.

  • The Rvue, with an area of 2,300 m2, is the largest room in Stayen. This multifunctional room uses the full length of the pitch and is located in the WEST stand. Thanks to the mobile walls, the Rvue can be divided into four separate compartments. Each hall then has a surface area between 300 m2 - 600 m2. Some of the many advantages of the Rvue: the high ceilings with mood lighting, 13 LED TVs, toilets with view on the field, …
  • The R. Goethals room has an area of 400 m2. The room was named after Raymond Goethals, trainer of STVV in the period '59 - '66. Stayen's second largest room is located in the NORTH stand of the stadium.
  • The Skybar is located in the upper floor of the WEST stand, between the sky boxes. This luxurious room with private bar is 300 m2 in size and offers a perfect view of the grass. The Skybar is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and is ideal for break-out moments. Renting the Skybar can be perfectly combined with the use of the skyboxes.
  • Room '1924', with an area of 100m2, refers to the foundation year of STVV. This room is located in the NORTH stand. With a fixed beamer with projection screen, space for a buffet and so much more, room '1924' is ideal for meetings and presentations..
  • The Gold, Silver and White rooms (45 m2) have the smallest capacity (up to 12 persons). The boardrooms have a view of the sacred grass of Stayen.

Contact us via sales@stayen.com or 011/68.12.34

You can also visit the Grand Café for small-scale, informal meetings



The STVV football stadium is a unique location for your outdoor business. There can be 12,500 to a maximum of 17,850 people at your great event. Get creative with the artificial turf, the stand and everything around it and create an unforgettable event.