Binken Card

Everyone who becomes a STVV season-ticket holder receives a personal Binkencard. This is first and foremost an access card with which you can enter Stayen at any home match. The Binkie card is the youth version of the Binkencard: we present this Binkie card to our youngest subscribers (students younger than 24 years and children younger than 12 years).


But ... the Binkencard is much more than an access card:

Debit Card

Load your money online and consult your balance via

Key Card

Open your room for an overnight stay at Hotel Stayen.

Beverage Card

Buy vouchers at the vending machines in the stadium without having to pay cash.

Discount card

For consumptions during football, you only pay € 2 instead of € 2.20 after charging at the vending machines.

Lunch Card

Pay at the restaurant La Cantine (1st floor Stayen).

Memberscard of the Binkenclub

Enjoy numerous benefits and promotions, especially for Binken and Binkies.