Binkie Helpdesk

The Binkencard = Access card! The Binkencard is first and foremost an entrance ticket for the home games of STVV. In the Binkencard is a chip processed that will be scanned at the entrance of the stadium. When purchasing a new season-ticket or extending the old one, this card is automatically updated and provided with access code for the next season. This card does not need to be activated online as an access card! The online activation is highly recommended, as this brings numerous benefits to Stayen. Click here for more information about the advantages of an online registered Binkencard.

What is the difference between a Binkencard and a Binkie card?

A Binkencard is awarded to an adult season-ticket holder. A Binkie card is awarded to students <24 y. And children <12 y. who are season-ticket holders.

Where can I find my personal registration code?

These can be found on the accompanying letter that you received from one of our receptionists when you purchased your subscription. (see Step 3 on the letter). (In the event of loss of the letter, please contact the STVV Reception.) Please include your name and your Seat details on your Binkencard.)

I cannot charge money on my Binkencard?

You must first register your Binkencard online before you can set up money. Click here to create a personal account and your Binkencard will be activated automatically online.

How can I check my balance on the Binkencard?

Your current balance of the Binkencard can be consulted online via your personal account through the LOGIN button that can be found at the top right of the STVV website.

How do I activate my Binkencard as a debit card?

Binken that were already registered online before purchasing a Binkencard, do not have to take any action for this. The Binkencard was then automatically linked to the personal account. If you are not registered with a personal account yet, you can do so on the basis of your personal registration code which you will find in the letter that came with your Binkencard. (In the event of loss of the letter, please contact the STVV Reception.) Please include your name and your Seat details on your Binkencard.)

Below are the different steps that need to be followed:

·         Step 1: Surf to and click on "LOGIN.

·         Step 2: Then click on "receive registration code?"

·         Step 3: Log in with your personal registration code (It is written on your personal letter that you received with your Binkencard.)

·         Step 4: Complete and check your data. Afterwards you confirm your personal details.

·         Step 5: After confirming your data you will receive an email with your confirmation of registration of the Binkencard. Click on the confirmation link in the email to confirm your registration and personal details.

·         Step 6: Your Binkencard is now registered and you can immediately start charging money online.

·         Step 7: Discover all the possibilities of the Binkencard via this link.

How long does the balance on the card remain valid?

The balance that is still on the card at the end of the season will be automatically transferred to next season if you renew your season-ticket. If you do not wish to renew your season-ticket, the Binkencard can simply be used as a payment card during the new season.

Where can I recharge my Binkencard?

The Binkencard can be recharged online anywhere via your personal account through your personal account, click here to log in. That way you do not have to wait in line for the vending machines. Be aware! The Binkencard can only be charged as soon as it is activated.

When am I a member of the Binkenclub?

Each season-ticket holder is a member of the Binkenclub, regardless of whether he / she has activated the Binkencard. The activation of your Binkencard as a debit card is of course a plus as there will also be online benefits to the Binkenclub in the future.

Can I also purchase tickets for my drink consumption without Binkencard?

Yes. Coins can be purchased at points of sale (counter or vending machine) in the stadium. Please note that these are at 2.20 EUR / piece and not at 2 EUR / piece.

What if you lost your Binkencard?

Come and visit the STVV Reception with a certificate of loss of the Police. We block your lost Binkcard and create a new one. The lost Binkencard therefore no longer gives access to the stadium and if there was money on this card, that will be transferred to your new Binkencard.

Do I need my Binkencard to drive out of the parking?

No, the Binkencard and the parking system are 2 separate access systems. You do not have to have these when you drive in and out of the parking lot. Parking is only allowed during competition days on presentation of a valid parking ticket.

Do I get a new Binken or Binkie card every season?

For the upcoming 2017-2018 season, yes. Each season-ticket holder therefore receives a new card.

What is the difference between a Stayen card and a Binkencard?

The Stayencard is your payment card, discount card, lunch card to use on the site Stayen. The Binkencard is the Stayencard supplemented with your subscription and your consumption card during competitions.