Binkie Helpdesk Season Ticket

You don't have an online account at STVV yet?

There is no reservation for you in your orders?

How will you receive your season ticket?

You don't have an online account at STVV yet?​

Surf on and then click on "Login" at the top right of the page. Register via the button "register here" or  the"register" tab in the baner at the top. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email via our email address (always check your spam folder or unwanted emails if you don't receive an email from us right away).


There is no reservation for you in your orders?​

Is your season ticket not available in "reservation"? Then you probably have multiple accounts in the ticketing system. Contact us via​ or 011/58.69.80, we will link your accounts and you will be able to buy online afterwards.​

Watch out ! Companies that have multiple subscriptions in the name of the company will be contacted personally by one of our employees to renew the subscriptions.​


How will you receive your season ticket?​

During the purchase process you can choose between two delivery methods:

  • pickup at the STVV fanshop
  • registered shipping (+€10)

Please keep in mind that our new seasont ticket cards are still in production so you can't pick them up right away or expect them in your mailbox. As soon as the new season ticket cards are available, printing will start and we will inform you in time. Expected date is mid-July 2020.


How do I renew a season ticket or purchase a new one?

Everything is explained step by step via the following link: (redirect to


Your online purchase has crashed and the seat is no longer available. What to do now?​

Don't panic, you haven't lost your seat. The system is waiting for a payment that will not come. About 30 minutes after your purchase attempt, the system will reset, your seat will rebook and you can try again.


When will you get your subscription?​

The cards on which the season tickets will be printed are still in production. We expect them at the club in mid-July at the earliest. If you have already purchased your abo you will get a message as soon as you can come pick it up or expect it in your mailbox.


How can I contact the club?​


You want a different seat than last season 2019-2020. How do you arrange that?​

Everything is explained step by step via the following link: (redirect to


Your season ticket is in the wrong age category. What should you do?

Contact or 011/58.69.80


What about the missed match STVV vs. RSC Anderlecht?​

The missed game between STVV - RSC Anderlecht of March 15, 2020 will be settled when renewing your subscription. But that's not all! As a current season ticket holder, you will enjoy a subscription at a reduced rate.


What will the competition format look like next season 2020-2021?​

The coming season consists of a regular competition of 30 game days. The first four teams will play the Champions play-offs. Positions 5 to 8 will play a second play-off series. The winner of this pool will compete in a final game against the number four of the Champions play-offs for the last European ticket. This match will not be played if the cup final is played by two clubs from the Champions play-offs or the winner of the cup competes in the Champions play-offs.

Season tickets are only valid for the regular competition. When the Kanaries play play-offs you can buy a new mini-season ticket at a reduced rate.


When will an audience be allowed at Stayen again?​

All mass events will be banned at least until 13 august 2020. What happens after that is not yet clear.


Do you get compensation when games are played behind closed doors?​

The club does not provide any compensation per game that is completed behind closed doors unless it would be for an extremely long period of time.


How is it determined who is allowed in, when for security reasons only a limited number of supporters are allowed in?​

The club complies with the regulations imposed by the competent authorities when, for safety reasons, only a limited number of supporters are allowed in the stadium.