Binkie Helpdesk Season Ticket

Buy your season ticket here!

You don't have an online account with STVV yet?
Surf to and then click on "Login" in the top right corner. Register via the button "register here" or the button in the top bar "register". You will receive a confirmation of your registration via email to our email address (always check your spam folder or junk mail if you do not immediately receive an email from us).

How to get your subscription?
Subscribers of last season 2020-2021:
The subscribers their subscription from last season, was already renewed automatically and free of charge by the club. Subscription cards will be distributed by mail starting in mid-June. Companies and subscribers who have multiple E-booklets (digital tickets in PDF form) will have their tickets sent digitally as soon as the 2021-2022 calendar is announced. The new calendar is expected mid-June.

New subscribers:
Both online and in the STVV fan shop, you can choose between two delivery methods:

  • pick up in STVV fan shop.
  • registered mail (+€10)

Please note that our new season tickets are still in production and therefore you cannot immediately collect them or expect them in your letterbox. As soon as the new season tickets arrive, we will start printing them and will inform you in time. Expected date is mid-June 2021.
How do I purchase a new subscription?
Everything is explained step by step via the following link.
Your online purchase has stalled and the place is no longer available. What now?
Don't panic, you have not lost your place. The system is waiting for a payment that will not come. About 30 minutes after your purchase attempt the system will reset itself, your place will be reserved again and you can try again.
When will you receive your season ticket?
The cards on which the season tickets will be printed are still in production. We expect them at the club in mid-June at the earliest. If you have already purchased your season ticket you will be notified when you can pick it up or when you can expect it in your mailbox.
How can I contact the club?

  • Through the STVV fan shop. Click here for all information.
  • By phone on 011/58.69.80.
  • By email to for general matters and to for ticketing & merchandising.

What will the league format look like next season 2021-2022?
The upcoming season is a copy of last season with 18 teams playing each other over 34 match days. There will again be 2 play-offs with the numbers 1 to 4 battling for the title and the numbers 5 to 8 fighting for the last European ticket. Furthermore, 3 teams will directly relegate to 1B at the end of the season.

Subscriptions are valid for the regular league and play-off 2 (numbers 5 to 8). If the Canaries for the title in play-off 1,, you can buy a new mini season ticket at a reduced rate. As in previous seasons, the cup matches are not included.

When will the public be allowed at Stayen again?
Situation mid-May 2021:
In the coming month(s), we expect more and more clarity regarding all mass events and the protocols that apply to them. The club assumes that the competition can start at the end of July with public with priority access to all subscribers.

Will you be compensated if matches are played behind closed doors?
In the case of matches without an audience, the club will put the value of the missed match on the cashless card. This amount can then be used during other STVV home matches or events at Stayen.
How is it determined who is allowed inside, when there are only a limited number of supporters allowed for security reasons?
The club will comply with the regulations imposed by the competent authorities when, for safety reasons, only a limited number of supporters are allowed inside the stadium.

More information about the cashless card will follow later.