Referees & scouts


Referees can only request a ticket via the following email address: stating: (first name, name, mobile phone number).

Referees are only entitled to the requested ticket upon presentation of their referee card at the ticket booth. Additional tickets must be purchased and are not registered via e-mail.

You can pick up the requested ticket at the counters of the EAST stand (Stayenlaan) from one and a half hours before the start of the match.

Normal Matches

In the case of regular matches, the applications must be received no later than three working days before the start of the match as long as the stock lasts (rules KBVB):

The holders of a continuous invitation card must report their presence in writing:

  • For the championship match in 1st national division, at least three days before the match. This request must also include a photocopy of the invitation card.
  • For the matches of the Belgian Cup, which take place in the stadium of a first class football club, the application must be sent to the Secretary-General. This request also includes a photocopy of the card in question. The home team will be notified by the latter three days before the match.
  • No free ticket will be issued if this period is not respected.

On the day of the competition itself, no applications will be processed by STVV. Best to bring proof of your e-mail on the competition day.

At cup competitions, according to KBVB regulations (see also regulations above)

  • Until the 1/16 finals, you must present the day of the competition without prior request (without notice in Sportleven).
  • From the 1/16 finals, a written request must be submitted to the KBVB accompanied by a copy of your invitation card
  • After checking, we will send your application to the home club. The ticket can be picked up on the spot, the day of the match.


Normal Matches

Clubs from home and abroad can apply for scouting cards via the competition organization.

This is only possible via the following email address:

It is best to state on this request contact details (name scout, GSM, e-mail address) that STVV can use in case of eg. cancellation or modification.

The application must be made up to three working days before the start of the competition.

Cup Games

Application must be made via the Belgian Football Association (see rules).