Season Tickets '21-'22

Want to buy a season ticket?

Buy your season ticket online or in the STVV-fanshop.

Information for new season ticket holders:

1. General - important dates:

From 19/05/2021, the free sale of the new season tickets 2021-2022 will start. If the season ticket is purchased before 15/06/2021, the season ticket holder will receive as an extra a "birthday package" with a minimum value of €75.

This promotion expires on Wednesday 16/06/2021.

2. Benefits for new season ticket holders:

  • Play-off 2 included for free.
  • 10% cashback on consumption during all home matches and events at Daio Wasabi Stayen Stadium (e.g. €50 consumed = €5 extra credit on the season ticket (= cashless card) for next match/event).
  • Priority period when buying extra tickets for top matches and cups.
  • Priority period and discount rate when purchasing a play-off 1 season ticket.
  • Book of vouchers full of benefits in local shop.
  • Discounts in the STVV Fanshop.
  • 4 free Magazines "De Kanarie" per year in the post mailbox.
  • "Birthday package" for every season ticket holder with a minimum value of €75
    • 4 x free tickets
    • €10 cashless (automatically)
    • €5 discount with a minimum purchase of €25 in the STVV Fanshop.

Birthday package is only applicable when subscription is purchased before 16/06/2021.

3. Prices:

4. How can a new subscriber purchase an online subscription? 

  • Surf to and click on the desired language on the top right (e.g. English)
  • Then click on "sign up".
  • If you do not have an account yet, you need to register first. Afterwards you can log in.
  • Log in with your details and then click on "Tickets" and then on "Buy tickets" under season 2021-2022.
  • You will now see the stadium plan and you can indicate a yellow seat (grey seats are already sold or reserved). 
  • Then choose the desired delivery method (pick up (free) or receive by mail (+10 EUR)) and click on "next step".
  • You finish the payment procedure and receive the confirmation of your order in your mailbox.


5. When and how will I receive my new subscription card? 

Normally you will receive your new membership card from mid-June. So when you purchase your new season ticket you will not receive a new card immediately. When you receive the card, we will contact you personally.
During the purchase process you can choose between two delivery methods:

  • You can come and collect your season ticket in the STVV fan shop during opening hours.
  • We will send your season ticket by registered mail (+10 EUR). This is only possible if you bought your season ticket online and chose the delivery option 'registered mail' during the purchasing process.


6. What about matches that cannot be attended because of Covid-19?

In case of matches without audience, the club will put the value of the missed match on the cashless card. This amount can then be used during other home matches or events of STVV at Daio Wasabi Stayen Stadium.

7. New cashless payment system starting next season.

Information about the new cashless payment system will be communicated from the beginning of June. All season ticket holders will receive the information regarding the cashless payment system together with their season ticket and their coupon booklet by mail in the week of 07/06/2021. A season ticket card will serve as both an access card and a payment card with which snacks and drinks can be purchased.

8. What will the league format look like during the 2021-2022 season?
The upcoming season is a copy of last season with 18 teams playing each other over 34 days. Again, there will be 2 playoffs where the numbers 1 to 4 battle for the title and the numbers 5 to 8 battle for the last European ticket. Furthermore, 3 teams will directly relegate to 1B at the end of the season.
Subscriptions are valid for the regular league and play-off 2 (numbers 5 to 8). If the Canaries play for the title in play-off 1, you can buy a new mini season ticket at a reduced rate. As in previous seasons, the cup matches are not included.


9. Opening hours of the STVV-fanshop and more information about the STVV-fanshop click here.

10. Still have questions? 
For a detailed explanation click here. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us at or on 011/58.69.80.