Main Partners

Main Partners


Since its founding in 1998, has established more than 40 companies in such industries as online streaming, games, effects, English classes, animation, programming school, 3D printing, energy, football, online media, etc. In the future, DMM. com continue to challenge and develop new industries by evolving with the corporate message "The future everyone wants to see".

Nishitan Clinic

Nishitan Clinic is a leading Japanese company specialising in providing PCR testing across Japan to contribute in the current pandemic.


MARUHAN is the biggest entertainment conglomerate in Japan, helping people to find “Joy in Life” to people through entertainment such as the pachinko, bowling alleys, game arcades, theaters, and golf courses.
We shall focus on stretching beyond the limits of the pachinko industry to become a world-class entertainment company.

Daio Limited

The Daio Wasabi Farm is the one of the largest and best wasabi farm. Founded in 1915, the Daio Wasabi Farm has long been a favorite of Japanese tourists for its picturesque beauty, the farm is also notable for the wide-array of culinary delights offered by its restaurants and shops. Daio acquired the naming rights for Stayen thus the stadium is named "Daio Wasabi Stayen Stadium" since 2023 February.


Macron is a leading European company in the production and sale of sportswear and is active in four main areas: teamwear - sportswear and accessories for team sports (football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, baseball, handball, indoor football, running); merchandising - official uniforms, leisure products and accessories for the supporters of the clubs sponsored by Macron; running & fitness - technical apparel for individual runners and for training sessions in the gym; athleisure - sports-inspired leisure apparel for those who want to wear Macron outside of pure sports activities. Macron owes its success to its ability to interpret athletes' needs and requirements and to develop high-quality and technical products.



“Men know why” Jupiler produces the well-known Belgian lagers beer at the piedboeuf brewery (as part of Anheuser-Busch Inbev). Jupiler's bull is known as a major sports sponsor in Belgian football.


AOKI Holdings Inc is een houdstermaatschappij waarvan de hoofdactiviteit bestaat in de planning en verkoop van heren- en dameskleding. Hun belangrijkste merk is "AOKI", de op één na grootste grootdistributeur van herenkleding in de herenkledingindustrie in Japan.


Cordeel Group NV

Cordeel Group NV is a fully independent family business with 1,600 employees and a turnover of 650 million. Our roots are in Belgium and we have now grown into a major European player. We are builders through and through.

Pauli Beton

NV Pauli Beton is a producer of floor elements (vaults) in reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete. The Pauli company has been producing masonry blocks since 1954.

Mercedes Claes & Zonen

At Claes & Zonen, we attach great importance to professional customer service with a personal and human approach. We have also found this vision in our partnership with STVV for 15 years.

Vanmossel Bruyninx

Van Mossel Bruyninx is a fixed value in car sales in Limburg. Thanks to their many years of experience, they can perfectly assess the needs of their customers and offer appropriate mobility solutions.


Beams holdings Co its main business is group management strategy planning, group company management and dispatch of logistics and systems activities for each group company.

Big Ones

Big Ones is in the real estate business operating in the center of Tokyo, Shibuya. This is the 3rd season for Big Ones to support STVV. Not only their main business, they are actively challenging in art and apparel. Their approach as a company can teach us a lot to move forward as a club.

Big Ones operates from Tokyo and mainly deals with large real estate projects. Big Ones becomes a partner for the third season in a row. They also take up the challenge in art and clothing. Their way of working teaches us how we can grow as a club.



Asahi Kasei's mission is to bring new value to society and solve social problems by enabling "living in health and comfort" and "harmony with the natural environment". With this in mind, we want to contribute to society, achieve sustainable growth and increase business value in the medium to long term by promoting innovation and creating synergies through the integration of different companies.

Nelissen Verzekeringen

At Nelissen Verzekeringen we unite four decades of tradition and craftsmanship with a modern vision and a colorful appearance. Flexible and with the necessary flair. Tailored to you, your family and / or your company.

Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola Company has been registered as a trademark since 1893. Meanwhile, the logo & bottles together have become a worldwide icon for the American lifestyle.

FordStore Morren Motor

FORDSTORE MORREN MOTOR has been successful for more than 50 years in St Truiden and actually in all of Limburg. Since 2017, the Morren Meelbergs garage in Diest has now also been added. With all our employees, we are also at the service of all our customers in Flemish Brabant and even in Antwerp, and this to general satisfaction! Just feel it!

Tecra Co., Ltd.

Tecra Corporation is mainly engaged in the sale, rental and construction of real estate, including over the ocean and mainly in central Asia where many Japanese companies are looking for expansion. They are known for their beautiful designs and their excellent supervision.

World Expo 2025 Osaka/Kansai

A World Expo is an event that brings together people and innovations from around the world in an effort to address issues facing mankind on a global scale. Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai will bring the international community back to Japan. A World Exposition is a place where new technologies and products are born, triggering greater convenience in our daily lives. Goals of Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and achieve Japan’s national strategy Society 5.0.