Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable on data that STVV NV, With corporate address Tiensesteenweg 168, 3800 Sint-Truiden and registered under VAT number BE0845.049.251 (hereafter: “STVV”, “our”  or “we”) gathers and processes through the website (hereafter: ”website”) and/or through the offline sales of “tickets” and “dining at Stayen” and (ii) uses them for closed deals and/or (personalized) marketing purposes by STVV.

Which personal data do we collect from you?

The personal data that you share with us:

  • IP address and language preference (“technical information”) when visiting our site,
  • Name and E-mail address when registering to our newsletter
  • First name, last name, physical address, birthdate, e-mail address and phone number upon registration through our website.
  • First name, last name, physical address, e-mail address, phone number and, if applicable, specific wishes concerning food when registering for “Dining at Stayen” (Either through Website or other offline means);

How do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data in several ways:

  • Through cookies (see cookie policy)
  • Through registration forms (for STVV newsletter, “tickets” and “dining at Stayen”);

Why do we collect your personal data? (purpose)

Technical data is gathered from you for the provision and improvement of the website and create anonymous visitor statistics.

Your personal data is gathered to (i) deliver and invoice your orders (“tickets”, “dining at Stayen”) and/or (ii) to send our newsletter and/or provide (personalised) marketing.

Are we allowed to process your personal data?

We have the right to process your technical information as of the permission provided by you through the “cookie-banner” (Cookie policy) and because it is in our legitimate interest to improve our website and services.

To fulfil our end of the agreement, we have the right to process your personal data. Additionally, as a football club we are legally obliged to be able to identify every fan in the stadium.

Furthermore, your personal data will be processed to send you our newsletter and/or (personalised) marketing data:

  • If you have subscribed to the STVV newsletter on our website, you have permitted us to send you newsletters. This permission can always be retracted.
  • If you have bought a season card, we will send you newsletters and a season card magazine on account of our legitimate interest.
  • If you have made a reservation for “dining at Stayen”, we will send you a newsletter on account of our legitimate interest.

Do we share your personal data with third parties?

In the event it is deemed necessary to achieve our predetermined goals, we will share your personal data with third parties. These include: host of the website, the bank and supplier of payment services, the catering, the printer. We guarantee that all our third parties will take the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data.

STVV will not sell, rent nor put your personal data commercially at the disposal of third parties (including commercial partners of STVV) unless we have received your permission to do so.

To the extent that you have agreed that we will transfer your personal data to Pro League nv for its direct marketing purposes, please note that we, together with Pro League nv, will act as "joint controllers" for this specific processing. This processing consists in that the joint controllers forward your personal data to each other, if you have explicitly agreed to this (via an opt-in box), via the CRM database. With regard to the rights that you can exercise under the GDPR with regard to this processing (including under Articles 13 and 14 GDPR), you can contact us to exercise them.

How long will we keep your personal data?

Your personal data will only be processed within the period deemed necessary to achieve our goals. They will, therefor, be stored to realise our goal or to comply to legal requirements (Accounting or specific football regulations and laws).

Links to third parties (e.g. The fan shop)

The online Fan shop of STVV is owned by a third party (‘Belgoshop’). The privacy policy of this company can be found on the following url:

What technical and organisational measurements did we take in order to protect your personal data?

We have taken technical and organisational security measurements to avoid the destruction, loss, counterfeiting, adjustment, non-permitted access or communication to third party by accident of your personal data as well as any other non-permitted operation of the personal data: among other a SSL-certificate, personal data is only accessible to administration accounts,…

STVV cannot be deemed responsible of any direct or indirect damage to personal data that is caused by erroneous or illegitimate use by third parties.

You are always to respect the security precautions . You are responsible for use of the website through your computer, your IP Address and identification data as well as its confidentiality.

What are your rights?

You have the following rights: Right of insight, improvement, deletion, limitation, objection and transferability of personal data.

If your personal data is processed with your preceding permission, then you have the right to retract this permission.

It suffices to contact us to exert your rights, either by e-mail to or by postal delivery to Tiensesteenweg 168, 3800 Sint-Truiden. We will contact you as soon as possible at the latest within 30 days.

Please note that an extra identification may be required to continue your request.

Where can you file a complaint?

You have the right to file a complaint at the Belgian Data Protection Authority, Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels, Phone: +32(0)2 274 48 00,

Version: 29 october 2019